Guitar Troubleshooting: Finding the Source of a Bad Electric Guitar Connection


Guitar Connection Troubleshooting

Guitar Troubleshooting: Finding the Source of a Bad Electric Guitar Connection.

I’ve been having trouble with my sound cutting out, and thought I’d narrowed it down to the amp. I took everything apart and hooked my guitar straight into the amp, and no problem. I then reassembled my rig and again, no problem. Tricky stuff. We’ll see how long it lasts!

William Lafayette “Fate” Terry

Some pictures of my Grandfather, who was born in Indian Territory, Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma in 1889 (he was 1/4 Cherokee).

William Lafayette and Ola Terry

Picture of my Grandfather “Fate” (pronounced Fae tee) and his sister Ola

William Lafayette Terry

Working on a ranch in Oklahoma

WWI Veteran

Navy (1917 to 1930) Veteran of World War I

William Lafayette Terry

My Grandfather,William Lafayette Terry, about the time he married my Grandmother – possibly on their wedding day.

Duncan and Wysetta Terry, founders of Murray County, Georgia

Below is a picture of Duncan and Wysetta Terry. They were among the founding families of Murray County Georgia, which was formerly Indian Territory. Duncan was a member of the Murray County Rangers, a U.S. Military unit tasked with protecting the citizens of Murray County from Indian hostilities. The unit would later fight for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Details from one of my other blogs are below:

Duncan and Wysetta Terry

The book “Murray County Heritage,” compiled by The Murray County Heritage Committee documents the founding and early years of Murray County Georgia.

The first elections in 1834 were hotly contested. In fact the Governor was petitioned to call another election, and among those signing the petition was Duncan Terry.

The book also includes the Muster Roll of the Murray County Rangers of 1838. “In January, 1838 a group of Murray citizens petitioned Governor George R. Gilmer to address the subject of their exposure to Indian hostilities. J.W.P. Buckanan and William McGaughy apparently led the effort. The men wanted a competent military force, composed of residents of the county and therefore best calculated to protect it, feeling that the time had arrived when it was indispensible to the safety of the people and property of the section. The mounted soldiers would be accepted as part of the U.S. forces protecting the frontier, but would be stationed in Murray. Some 80 men signed the petition and soon the Rangers were formed.

Among those listed on the muster roll were:
Terry, Wm.
Terry, G.C.
Terry, Duncan
Carder, Thomas

The book also describes the founding of the Holly Creek Baptist Church on July 21, 1848. Among those attending were Joseph Terry, Dovina Terry, Constantine Terry, Wysette Terry, and Julia Ann Terry. It was commented that Joseph Terry may have been an early pastor for the church. Census records record Duncan as being a former baptist minister, and it may have been here that he preached.

“Holly Creek has had several houses of worship. The first structure was located some 300 yards back of the present building and was also used as a school according to the deed from Duncan Terry to the church dated December 11, 1855. ”

“George C. Terry once had a store and business on the Old Federal Road north of Holly Creek/Fort Mountain. He applied for a liquor license in the late 1830′s.”

“This well-known house was built by Joe Terry
and his sons in the 1890′s”

The Terry’s were an important family in Murray County Georgia, and they are mentioned often as the book progresses through the years and generations.

Also of note are the spellings of Terry women that I hadn’t seen before. Wysetta, Wyzetta, or Wygetta, was spelled here Wysette. A search on Google resulted in a copy of this book, or parts of it, online here: